Monday, December 27, 2010

Curtis Boys Children Portraits Photographed by Rodney Ramos Productions

Curtis Boys Children Portraits Photographed by Rodney Ramos Productions

Perfect timing for Christmas Cards. Their Christmas Cards turned out really nice. It was a nice feeling when I saw the final results, their Christmas card turned out so cute! I am sure the photo prints made great photo gifts too.

These little guys are growing so fast and they are getting around lot faster too, these guys were giving me a run for my money keeping up with them with my camera. I had a lot of fun capturing the boys portraits and looking over their photos the kids had fun being photographed outdoors. With this session we came out with a nice selection of portraits, I am confident their photo will be cherished year after year. It's always a pleasure capturing these little guys. I'm looking forward working with them again in the near future. Until then, enjoy my sample 2010 portrait collection of them.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Woodland Veterinary Hospital Pet Portrait Day

Woodland Veterinary Hospital Annual Pet Portrait Day

This special event was made possible by the Woodland Veterinary Hospital This is an annual event Rodney Ramos Productions loves to be involved with. It's always a pleasure working with Woodland Veterinary Hospital and their Patients. We had a full day of photographing and this year we collected dog food/cat food as their session fee so we can donate the food to the Woodland Pet Food Pantry. This year was very successful, we got a lot of food for homeless pets.

Watch for 2011's Woodland Veterinary's Pet Portrait Day I expect we will photograph again sometime in October. I suggest to be a Woodland Veterinary Hospital as a friend if you have a Facebook account.

Doing so, you can stay current on all their event. Until then, please enjoy some to this years pet photos.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Johannessen Family Portraits By Rodney Ramos Productions

Johannessen Family Portraits By Rodney Ramos Productions

It was nice to have the opportunity to capture the Johannessen's Family Portraits. This family was easy to work with, very down to earth making it a pleasure to work with. I hope to meet them again in the near future to take their family portraits again and senior portraits with in the next couple of years.

The recent photos Rodney Ramos Productions came right on time for the Christmas Holidays. They have a nice collection to share with their family and friends. Thank you Johannessen Family for having Rodney Ramos Productions as your Family Portrait Photographer. It was truly a pleasure!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jesse Suarez (J La Beats) Long Road Home C.D. Photo Shoot

Jesse Suarez (J La Beats) Long Road Home C.D. Photo Shoot

Rodney Ramos Productions teamed up with Jesse Suarez aka J La Beats to capture head shots for his "Long Road Home" C.D. Album. J La Beats is very talented, I was very impressed. I told him to share some beats so I can capture him in action and listening to him and his lyrics I was quite impressed.

J La Beats album recently hit the on-line music stands so get to Amazon & iTunes to down load your own copy. Support J La Beats and check out the images photographed by Rodney Ramos Productions.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wedding of Samantha & Jeffrey Captured By Rodney Ramos Productionss

The Wedding of Samantha & Jeffrey Captured By Rodney Ramos Productions

Rodney Ramos Productions had the pleasure capturing the wedding of Samantha and Jeffrey. Early this past spring I captured their engagement portraits in beautiful Lake Tahoe and it all make sense why they picked this location. The location of their wedding was located in the Kirkwood area that had a beautiful cabin and the beautiful land the cabin sat on. Viewing the sample photos you'll have to agree it was a nice location. Photographing their special day Rodney Ramos Productions did not have any trouble finding a nice backdrop. It was a pleasure photographing Samantha, Jeff, friends and family. Everyone was friendly and easy to work with. Congratulations to Samantha and Jeffrey! I wish you both many years of happiness and lots of images to cherish.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rodney Ramos Productions Captures Photos for The Torch Ad Campaign

Sean and Holly were flexing and Rodney Ramos Productions was clicking for their "Torch" ad campaign.

What is "Torch"?
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Good job with the actual ad created by Holland Productions. You did a GREAT job with the image. It's clear the photo shoot was a success and your Torch ad I can see is a success. The ad is very eye catching and an attention grabber. Best of luck to your Torch Product. With your nice physik you have the fat free body to back up your product. It was a pleasure working with you both once again!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pet Portrait Day at Woodland Veterinary Hospital

Rodney Ramos Productions will be photographing pets at the Woodland Veterinary Hospital.

: Saturday, October 9 · 11:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Woodland Veterinary Hospital
445 Matmor Road, Woodland, CA
More Info: 530-666-2461 No walk-in's Session Times Required. Call today, slot times are running out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Paulsen's Family Portraits

Pismo Beach was a nice location to capture the Paulsen's family portraits. Rodney Ramos Productions had fun spending the day hanging out with the Paulsen's at the beach. We had a beautiful background and great weather. With all the nice elements we came out with a nice family portrait of the Paulsen's. The Paulsen Family currently has a framed 18x24 photo hanging in their family room. The family portrait added a nice touch in their room. It was a pleasure that day and I am looking forward taking their family portraits again in the near future.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Wedding of Julie & Chuck

The Wedding of Julie & Chuck Captured By Rodney Ramos Productions

Julie and Chuck are long time friends of Rodney Ramos Productions so capturing their wedding was very special. As you will see with some sample photos, Julie and Chuck will have a lot of nice wedding images to cherish year after year. It was a blast capturing Julie and Chuck..... When do you ever photograph a bride holding a shotgun as her bouquet flowers? You got to love it! Congratulation to Julie and Chuck, it was a pleasure working with you both.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Law Office Head Shots of Mary Alice Coleman

Law Office Head Shots of Mary Alice Coleman

Mary Alice Coleman Law Office was founded back in 2003. Mary Alice Coleman’s Law Office represents people with problems arising from their work place and needing legal representation.

Mary Alice Coleman Law Office is updating their web site and Rodney Ramos Productions was happy to assist Mary Alice with updated public relation photos to add to their website. Later on this month Rodney Ramos Productions will be capturing a corporate group portrait and also capture solo headshots of the rest of their attorneys and their staff. Please feel free to see how nice Mary Alice's photo turned out on her their company web site. Rodney Ramos Productions is looking forward capturing the rest if their staff portraits in a few weeks.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Engagement of Samantha & Jeffrey

The Engagement of Samantha & Jeffrey

Lake Tahoe is one of the prettiest places in the world and Rodney Ramos Productions was there to capture engagement portraits of Samantha & Jeffrey. What a fun day hanging out with Jeff and Samantha. As you will see with the photo samples I have to share we had a good time. They were open with my direction and what I wanted to capture during their engagement session. With their openness we can out with some nice, edgy and even some steamn' hot photos. I even got the chance to capture of photos using my infrared camera. Rodney Ramos Productions is looking forward capturing their wedding day because I know we with continue where we left off so stay tuned for some wedding photo samples :)