Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asenati's Modeling-Acting Photo Shoot

Asenati's Modeling-Acting Photo Shoot

Asenati is an inspiring model and actress. Since she is new at the industry she contacted and hired Rodney Ramos Productions to capture some head-shots and modeling photos to start up her modeling portfolio and she also planned to use the images to create composite modeling cards. Asenati was fun to work with, she was nervous at first but got relax soon after the photo shoot started. At the end of the day we captured a nice collections of images for Asenati. It was a pleasure work with her and I am looking forward working with Asenati again in the near future.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes Footage of Rodney Ramos Productions

Behind the Scenes Footage of Rodney Ramos Productions'
High School Senior Portrait Session

Thank you to my colleague and good friend Alex Chernak he captured some footage of me during a recent High School Senior Portrait Session. Since he did I thought it would be fun to share with my fans the behind the scenes of Rodney Ramos Productions. You can actually see it from my point of view and almost visualize what I am thinking and the image I am trying to create. This session was fun. I had fun working with my Client she was VERY photogenic. I can not wait to share some samples of this session but I have to wait until my Client views the images first. It should not be too longer before you can take a sneak peek of some of the finish work. Thank you Alex for your help that day and thanks again for the behind the scenes footage you captured.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

High School Senior Carissa Class of 2011

High School Senior Carissa Class of 2011

Carissa is a high school senior who will be graduating this spring of 2011. I was honored Carissa hired me to capture her High School Senior Portraits. Carissa was fun to photograph because she was friendly and had a good sense of humor. I could tell she was well liked by her classmates. With her nice persona she made my job easy and also contributed to having a good photo session. we came out with a lot of nice images.

Congratulations and best to Carissa - The Graduate!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Rodney Ramos Productions Assist Capturing A Bat Mitzvah Reception

Rodney Ramos Productions Assist Capturing A Bat Mitzvah Reception

Rodney Ramos Productions had the pleasure to assist colleague and good friend Alex Chernak with a Bat Mitzvah Reception. It was a nice change not being the main photographer. Being Alex's assistant I got a chance to view and capture the event as a second set of eyes and I had fun doing so. Thank you Alex for having me as your assistant, it was a pleasure assisting you with your event. Here are a few of my favorite Bat Mitzvah Images I captured that evening.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Wedding of Brenda & Melvin

Brenda and Melvin recently got married and what a celebration they had! The lovely couple celebrated their wedding with their family and friends and Rodney Ramos Productions was the photographer who captured this joyful event. Our day started off early in the morning and carried through late evening. They had a large wedding party and a lot a family and friends who were attendants so did not have any difficultly capturing and recording the wedding couples event. With a lot going on that day and so many family and friends to see Rodney Ramos Productions were certainly their eyes for the day. They will certainly have and nice set of wedding images to cherish and to look back on for years to come. Thank you for allowing and trusting Rodney Ramos Productions to capture your special day. It was a pleasure being your eyes for the day.