Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Law Office of Mary Alice Coleman Employee Staff Portraits

The Law Office of Mary Alice Coleman Employee Staff Portraits

Back in August of 2010 Rodney Ramos Productions photographed Mary Alice Coleman's Portrait Headshots. I am happy to say The Law Office of Mary Alice Coleman invited me back to photograph the rest of their Legal Team and Staff.

Mary Alice Coleman’s Law Office represents people with problems arising from their work place and needing legal representation. Contact their office if you need legal representation. They are located in Davis, California. They are a group of friendly people.


Thank You Mary Alice Coleman, I'm looking forward photographing you and your staff again when you are ready to update your portraits. It's always a pleasure working with you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rodney Ramos Productions Captures Jorge's Company Headshots

Rodney Ramos Productions Captures Jorge's Company Headshots

Jorge is a Mortgage Professional who needed some headshots for his mortgage business. Rodney Ramos Productions had the opportunity and the pleasure to work with Jorge. Jorge wanted something different but nothing crazy so I set my eyes on photographing him outside. I am glad we did because we came out with a nice collection of contemporary headshots for Jorge.

Jorge's headshot collection will surely stand out from other professional headshots. With his collection of headshots his photos will go well on his web site, business cards, and advertising.

Thank you Jorge for trusting me with capturing your headshots. I am looking forward working with you again in the near future when you are ready update your images.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dion - High School Senior Class of 2011

Dion - High School Senior
Class of 2011

Congratulations to Dion! Dion recently graduated from Center High School in Sacramento, CA. Dion leaves Dion Center High School as one of their star soccer players.

Rodney Ramos Productions had fun photographing Dion's high school senior portraits. We went to a couple of urban style locations. Dion at first was unsure with the photoshoot locations. He trusted me and saw the results of the first set of Rodney Ramos Productions photos and was sold. Dion he was impressed with the images already captured. It was nice to hear Dion was happy with his high school senior portraits had a fun time being photographed.

With Dion's session I got the chance to break out with my infrared camera. The last sample image is a photo taken with my infrared camera.

I wish Dion best of luck after high school. Dion is a bright young man who I am confident he will make his parents proud. Thank you for choosing Rodney Ramos Productions as your High School Senior Portrait Photographer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tori - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Tori - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Congratulation to Tori, who will be graduation in the top of her class with honors. What a GREAT achievement! I'm just your photographer and I'm proud of you Tori. Imagine how your parents feel. Good Job!

I do not know who's busier Rodney Ramos Productions or Tori. With school, homework, and volleyball I'm surprised we were able to find a date we both were free to get her Senior Portraits captured. With all the times and dates we went through it was well worth the wait. The weather was perfect and it was fun having them as Clients. I enjoyed spending a couple of hours with Tori and her mother. They both were easy going and they a plus they laughed at my corny jokes. Tori's mother was even nice enough to help me with my reflector. Thank you mom, your help made a difference with the lighting.

I wish Tori the best of luck with her continued education! Remember to come see me when you graduate from UC Berkeley so I can capture your "Higher Education" Grad Portraits.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Courtney - Class of 2011 High School Senior

High School Senior Courtney Class of 2011

When I first met Courtney for her High School Portrait Session I knew we would get a long great and have a cool photo shoot. I knew we would because Courtney is a RAIDERS fan like me. Go Raiders! Another thing I like about Courtney she is sports minded. Courtney played varsity softball for her high school who I am happy to share her team won league so congratulations to Courtney and the rest of her high school softball team. You girls rocked!

Only about a week left of high school Courtney so enjoy what's left with your high school friends and teachers. Congratulations you did it! Thank you for having Rodney Ramos Productions capture your High School Senior Portraits.