Tuesday, May 24, 2011

High School Senior ~ Ashley ~ Class of 2011

High School Senior ~ Ashley ~ Class of 2011

Ashley went to her prom a few weeks ago, she just went to Disneyland for her senior trip, now she has her eye's set on graduation!

Thank you Ashley for having Rodney Ramos Productions capture your High School Senior Portraits. I hope you had fun during your photo shoot, I had fun capturing your portraits. As you will see we had a good portrait session. We came out with some nice images, images Ashley's family will cherish more and more as time goes by.

When you walk to pick up your diploma do not look back, keep looking forward and reach for the stars. You have a bright future ahead of you so go for your dream! Congratulations Ashley you're on your way!

Friday, May 20, 2011

High School Senior - Mariah - Class of 2011

High School Senior Mariah - Class of 2011

So far the group of 2011 High School Seniors I've photograph have been a fun group of people to work with and I do have to add Mariah to this fun group. When I first started working with Mariah she was a bit shy but once she got warmed up being in front of the camera and a chance to sneak a peek of her images we took during her first session all the nervousness and awkwardness went out the window. With Mariah having fun we were coming up with some awesome portraits results of Mariah.

It was my pleasure working with Mariah. She's a bright young lady who I know will have a bright future after high school. Thank you for choosing Rodney Ramos Productions as your High School Senior Portrait Photographer. I hope to work with Mariah and her family again in the near future!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Breanne - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Breanne - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Hip-Hip Hooray For Breanne! She is Class of 2011 but already took care of high school business and graduated early. So congratulations to Breanne!

Time ready goes by really fast, because it's hard to believe I went to school with Breanne's mom. I funny thing about us knowing each other, I tried to teach her Break Dancing and Breanne's mom tried to teach me ballet. As you can I did not go too far with ballet. I just could not get myself to wear a tutu..lol..

Congratulations to Breanne and also congratulations to Mom for raising a fine daughter. Best of luck and best wishes Breanne! It was a pleasure working with you and your mom!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lizanne - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Lizanne - Class of 2011 High School Senior

The Almond Orchards were blooming when Rodney Ramos Productions captured Lizanne's High School Senior Portraits. The location we went to was a great location because we had a lot of different colors and tones to work with. Lizanne selection of outfits she wore during her photo session added a nice touch to her portraits. My favorite outfit she wore was her dad's High School Letterman Jacket. On this day we came out with a nice Senior Portrait Collections for Lizanne.

We do not have a time or date but when Lizanne is all finished with school and all ready to get married her mom already picked out her wedding photographer. Guess you she has in mind? ;)

I told Lizanne's mom by that time Lizanne is ready to get married I'll be ready too because I should have another 10 years experience under my belt...lol.

Best wishes to Lizanne with graduation and leaving for college in the fall. I am looking forward working with Lizanne and her family again in the near future. Her and her family are great people, it's always been a pleasure working with them. Thank you for choosing Rodney Ramos Productions!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nominated for KCRA's Photographer's A-List

Rodney Ramos Productions Nominated for KCRA's Photographer's A-List

It's thank time of year for KCRA's A-List Contest. I want to thank those of you who have already voted for me. Your votes have put me in the 1st place seat. There are 9 days left so I am asking those of you who have not voted to please vote. It's a very close contest so every vote will make a difference.

This year KCRA has made it more meaningful to get the most votes because that business with the most votes will receive $500 donated to their local charity. If I am so lucky to receive the most votes I will donate the money to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Let's get Rodney Ramos Productions on the A-List for the 5th year in a row and let's get the most votes for the Children! Your vote will make a difference....


Thank you, Thank you for all the votes!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Toby & Bridgit Are Engaged !

Toby & Bridgit Are Engaged!

Toby & Bridgit are soon to be married and Rodney Ramos Productions will be capturing their wedding. Looking at their Engagement portraits you can see they are ready to make it official. Toby and Bridgit were a lot of fun during their engagement session. They love to kid around with each other. With Toby and Bridgit having good sense of humors it was easy to capture their true fun selves and produce a nice set of engagement portrait collection . I can't wait to meet with Toby and Bridgit again later on this month to capture the Big Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chelsie - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Chelsie - Class of 2011 High School Senior

Chelsie is finishing up her last year in high school. I am sure she is pretty busy about now with her Track and Field Meets and Senior Prom. It's an honor to capture Chelsie's High School Portraits because Chelsie is not from the Sacramento Area. Chelsie is from Colorado. Her mom timed her session time with me when Chelsie was going to be in the Sacramento area. So thank you mom for having Rodney Ramos Productions as Chelsie's photographer.

I wish the best of luck with Chelsie after graduation. I know she has a bright future ahead of her.

Thanks again for choosing Rodney Ramos Productions!